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Health Matters International offers savings on a wide variety of diabetic medications and supplies.

Below is a sample chart of our substantial savings on some popular Diabetic Medications and Supplies.

Take a look at some of our sample savings below and use the search box to the right to locate any product you might be interested in. Remember that Health Matters International carries more than 11,000 different medications!

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Product Sample Pricing
Actos 30mg/100s $105.00
Amaryl 4mg/30s $56.00
Cozaar 50mg/90s $94.00
Januvia 50mg/98s $232.00
Precose 50mg/120s $64.00
Xenical 120mg/84s $88.00
Advocate Strips 50 $27.34
TrueRead Strips 50 $29.69
Medication RX Website *Our Prices Savings
Crestor 10mg 90s $339 $72 79%
Nexium 40mg 90s $470 $75 84%
Plavix 75mg 100s $478 $81 83%
Singulair 10mg 84s $375 $92 75%
Viagra 100mg 100s $1805 $110 94%
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